The three research areas are integrated with more concrete research fields by which the several disciplines and scientists involved will be cooperating in their concrete research activities. These fields t will be in the focus of our debates and scientific work.

  1. Resources between Appropriation and Occurring (PI Hillebrandt)
  2. Resources and Knowledge (PI Asrih, PI Klein, PI Prange)
  3. Resources and Identity (PI Berger, PI Seidel).
  4. Resources and Practices (PI von Rüden, PI Stöllner)
  5. Resources and Social Transformation (PI Maier, PI Grosse-Wilde)
  6. Resources and Life Worlds (PI Stöllner, PI Möllerherm)
  7. Resources and Governance (PI Roos)
  8. Resources and Scales of Production and Consumption in Landscapes (PI von Rüden, PI Zepp)